If you have a red car from before the 1980’s, you are probably no stranger to car paint oxidation. When cars are brand new, the paint has such a luster and vibrancy. If you don’t take action to preserve that, you can end up with a faded car that is but a memory of its former glory.

So how do you fix car paint oxidation? Your team at Liberty Collision, Reno collision repair shop, is here to help with some tips and tricks.

What Is Car Paint Oxidation?

Before you can perform car paint oxidation repair, you need to know what the signs are of oxidized paint. How do you know if your car needs car paint oxidation repair? Your car’s surface will appear dull and rough.

Car paint oxidation comes from a combination of exposure to the elements. Oxygen and water react on your car’s surface to break down the top layer of paint. This layer breaks down from exposure to the harsh UV rays from the sun. This process leads to car paint oxidation, which appears to the eye as faded car paint.

A History

Back in the day, certain car paint colors used to fade at a faster rate than others because of the dye used in the paints. Lower quality paints also faded more quickly. To this day, many car lovers agree that red car paint fades faster than other colors.

Clear coat was introduced in the 1970s to add more protection to your car’s paint. The cost was so high that the clear coat was only used on high-end vehicles. If you have an older model vehicle, your car may not have been treated with clear coat yet. Ask your Reno auto body repair shop if you can get an estimate for adding a layer of clear coat to your vehicle.

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Preventing Faded Paint and Oxidation

If you want to protect your car’s paint from oxidation, make sure your Reno body shop has applied a clear coat to your car’s paint surface. The clear coat protects your car’s paint from damage by the elements and can prevent oxidation.

Car Paint Oxidation Repair at Home

You can buff out dull areas and apply a layer of wax to return the area to a similar luster of the rest of your car’s paint. You will want to wash and dry your car properly before you attempt to carry out car paint oxidation repair at home.

Each time you do that, there is a little less paint on there. If your clear coat already appears white or chalky, you will have to have to visit a Reno body shop for some repainting.

Car Paint Oxidation Repair at a Reno Body Shop

Liberty Collision offers car paint touch ups and other car repairs. The Reno auto body repair shop team has extensive training in paint matching. We also provide various collision repairs and cosmetic car repairs.

Contact us to receive an estimate on car paint oxidation repair at Liberty Collision!

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