Over the lifespan of your car, you’ll inevitably accumulate small scratches due to small accidents and exposure to the extremities. But if the scratches on your car have started to make it look unsightly, it may be time to seek scratch repair. Even if you’re okay with the scratches, you have to understand that not repair them can lead to rust and more expensive paint repairs in the future. But before you go to your nearest Reno body shop, here’s what you need to know beforehand.

1. Minor Scratches are Fairly Easy to Fix

scratch repair cost | Liberty Collision in RenoIf the scratch is purely cosmetic and a very superficial scratch, you can easily fix it up over the weekend. All you need to do is go to your local automotive supply store and purchase the materials for the DIY project. Many stores will have a complete kit to fix minor scratches. Start by using a solvent to remove oils and wax from the scratched area. Leave overnight and then use sandpaper to wipe the paint off the area. Then use a polishing compound and apply over area. Then, apply paint until the scratched surface area is filled. Smoothing it over again with the polishing compound will add it a glossy finish.

2. If Done Incorrectly, You Can Make It Worse

While the DIY project is fairly straightforward, you can inadvertently make it worse. For one, you can over-sand the area and wear it down too much. This can also lead to you having to deal with a larger surface area to cover with the compound and paint. Another mistake that’s commonly made is not following the directions on the products and damaging the paint even more. A possible downside to doing it yourself is that if you have a unique paint color, it may be hard to find the exact paint color and make the paint job look inconsistent.

3. It’s an Extensive Process

On the surface, scratch repair looks like a straightforward project. However, it can get complicated if there is a lot of surface area to cover. If you go to your local Reno body shop that deals with scratch repair projects, you’ll see that they often spend hours on these jobs. Dealing with a large surface area means that you have to go back and forth to properly sand the area. It also means that you have to pay special care to make sure that the paint and polish is evenly applied for a consistent look.

4. Deep Scratch Repair is a Difficult Job

It gets really difficult when you have to deal with deep scratches. For most people, it’ll be best to leave deep scratches to the professionals. This is because deep scratches require multiple layers to be filled to properly protect the damaged area from rusting. It also gets more complicated when the scratch is over a dent caused by an accident. You should look to a local Reno auto body repair shop for problems like these as you need the experience of a professional to properly reverse the dent damage first. An experience Reno auto body repair shop will also know how to deal with scratch repair jobs on irregular surface areas.

5. The Damage Can Be Far More Than Surface Scratches

deep scratch repair | Liberty Collision in RenoIf you’ve gotten in a minor accident and feel that you’ve walked away with only a few scratches to your car, think again. You should go to your local Reno body shop to look over the damaged area as there may have be some damage below the surface. For example, the impact of the accident could have damaged the screws to your fender. This can compromise your safety and also lead to more expensive collision repair job in the future. Don’t emphasize too much on trying to save on your car’s scratch repair cost. Even if it’s a minor scratch and a project you can handle yourself, don’t neglect a proper checkup from a professional.

If you’re looking for a reliable Reno collision repair and deep scratch repair shop, look to Liberty Collision. We have the experience and expertise to deal with difficult scratch repair projects and can properly evaluate the damage to your car to ensure safety. We’ve received positive reviews from dozens of satisfied customers and have received numerous awards for our services.

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