You shake your head in misery as you see a giant dent on the bumper of your brand new car. How did this happen? Did someone hit me? Did I hit someone? You speak with your car insurance representative and begin the tedious process of finding a cosmetic auto repair shop.

What is Cosmetic Auto Repair?

Cosmetic auto repair describes the process of fixing your car’s appearance. Cosmetic auto repairs can fix small paint chips, cracked windshields, and dented bumpers. Since the cost of cosmetic auto repair can be quite expensive, we will go over how to find the best shop for repairs.

We will:

  • Go over why excellent reviews matter
  • Why location matters in finding the best shop
  • How getting just one estimate can be bad for your budget
  • Explain why it’s not “bad” to ask questions
  • And to remind you to “trust your gut”

Find a Shop With Great Reviews

Who doesn’t love good reviews? We check out local restaurants and clothing stores if they have good reviews, so why not auto shops? You should make sure the shop is professional and has great customer service.

In most cases, you can find reviews on Yelp or Google. Take the time to research and ask opinions of past and current clients to determine if they are a good fit for you. Some key elements that make a good shop are fair prices, the amount of services they offer, and the amount of time it takes to complete the job. Some people overlook the reviews of a business in favor of lower prices only to receive poor service on their car.

Location, Location, Location

Auto repair prices can vary depending on the location of the auto body shop. If an auto collision repair center has to pay a higher rent for their lot, their prices may be higher.

Finding the best auto shop also involves making sure they area that is easily accessible and safe. Most high-end auto shops can overprice their services, but you know your vehicle is safe on the lot. You also shouldn’t find yourself in unsafe part of town just because services are cheaper.

You will likely establish a relationship with the business. Finding a close shop can make repeating visits easier, especially if the repair takes some time.

Don’t Get Just One Estimate

Only getting one estimate can ruin your budget. Get multiple estimate. One auto body repair shop could inflate the price, and there may be a cheaper shop is just a couple feet down the road. If you only get one estimate, you could miss out on a good deal. With a variety of estimates, you can narrow down the list by the estimated cost. It makes finding the best shop just that much easier.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Always go into an auto shop with a notebook and an open mind. It’s never a bad thing to ask questions. The more questions you ask, the better you will feel about spending your money.  You may find that having a set of questions to ask at each shop can drastically narrow your search. You should pick a shop that not only answers your questions, but does so in a polite manner and offers to answer any more questions.

Trust Your Gut

This is the most important thing for picking out a cosmetic repair shop. Your intuition has been there for you your entire life, so why avoid it now? Even with all the proper information, you may find the best shop on paper just doesn’t feel right. Trust your gut. You want to park your car at a place you feel comfortable. You can find a more comfortable setting where the staff might be friendlier and the prices may be better.

Cosmetic Auto Repair at Liberty Collision

For a great example of a 5-star auto shop check out Liberty Collision. This Reno body shop has great deals, friendly staff, and a long history of happy clients. With a great reputation for cosmetic car repair, Liberty Collision in Reno is an ideal choice.

What Happens Next?

You found it: the perfect cosmetic car repair shop. You found an auto repair shop with affordable prices and the friendliest staff. Make sure your favorite shop keeps up the excellent customer service so you want to return. Offer to the staff the reason why you picked this shop.  Don’t forget to give a great review for people looking for a new shop. You were in their shoes once, too!

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