Similar to the cars we drive, the history of collision repair has evolved over the years. Mass production of the Model T Ford in 1908 made cars affordable to the typical individual. Back then, the most common transportation modes were foot, bicycle, train, ship or horse.

The novelty of automobiles meant that only builders of the Model T Ford were qualified to service these vehicles. In the early 1900s, you relied on bike mechanics or machinists for repairs. Increased use of the automobile by the public created the demand for collision repair services. As a result, a vibrant auto body repair industry emerged, and with it, the history of car colors began. Research into auto body colors intensified significantly. When body shops appeared in the 1910s, auto body finishing relied on shellac coatings. A leap in paint chemistry in the ‘20s led to the adoption of nitrocellulose lacquer resins and the invention of the spray gun. With advancements in finishing paint technology, body finishing today utilizes solvent based paints. In the early 1990s, commercial introduction of the first solvent-based paints occurred. Although efforts to develop water-based paints stretch to the late ‘70s, it took 20 years to achieve viability.

Collision Body Repair

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Collision Repair has evolved over the years

1920s to 1960s By the 1920s, the volume of cars on roads had increased exponentially. Car dealerships and manufacturers had to provide drivers with vehicle repair tools due to collisions. To satisfy this demand, manufacturers started offering easily interchangeable standardized auto parts. Dealerships and independent auto repair companies hired mechanics for fixing cars using the prefabricated components. However, the Great Depression of the 1930s significantly affected the auto repair sector. Throughout the 1930s and 40s, this method of auto repair was the most widespread.

After the Second World War, North America experienced exceptional levels of economic growth with a rise in demand for collision repair services. Increased demand for more speed and power in the 1960s ensured that auto body shops and mechanics offered customizing services.

Improvements in vehicle performance, body and engine design respectively, made cars lighter and more efficient. These developments led to the introduction of design regulations and safety requirements. Collision body repair evolved accordingly to meet stringent regulations and higher standards for safety and quality.

Liberty Collision, over the years, has become Nevada’s most efficient and reliable auto body repair shop. Our center has extensive experience and certifications which make us proud of the legacy of auto body repair.

Contemporary Impact Repair Rolling into the new millennium, the rapid adoption of digital technology transformed the auto body repair industry. Auto body mechanics require a broader skill base than ever before. Modern vehicles require specialized and extensive knowledge and skill sets to be qualified as an auto repair specialist. Safety standards imposed for modern cars are more compelling than ever. Body painting needs to match the manufacturer’s original specifications.

Seemingly, modern cars appear fragile and cheap, as they are designed to crush or collapse by absorbing impact to shield passengers from injury. Thus, modern cars experience more damage than older cars in the event of a collision. But in reality, vehicles absorb crash impact rather than passengers. According to a study performed by Experian Automotive, about 250 million vehicles are present on American roads. This amount of traffic inevitably results in collisions and vehicle damage ensuring that our auto body repair service remains relevant. These reasons make it imperative to have your car serviced by certified auto body specialists. At Liberty Collision we offer various services. Contact us to find our location in Reno, Nevada. You should expect top notch service from our specialists at competitive prices.

Why Choose Us?

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We have qualified technicians to fix your car

Liberty Collision offers full auto body repairs. Our team of I-CAR and Sherwin-Williams certified technicians are up to the task. Whether your car requires the following services:

  • Welding
  • Airbrushing
  • Minor and major damage repair
  • Simple upgrades
  • Hail damage correction
  • Bodywork
  • Custom paint jobs/refinishing with computerized color matching
  • Insurance support
  • Sanding and buffing
  • Alignment

We guarantee to restore your car to its pre-damage condition. With 25 years experience, we strive to retain our clients trust with an honest appraisal of our capability. Liberty Collision continuously educates its technicians with the latest advances in auto body repair requirements and technologies. As we take pride in our services, we need you as a referral source within the wider Reno, Nevada community.

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