There are a ton of auto body repair shops out there. How do you find the right one for your needs?

The Type of Auto Body Work

Your choice of auto body repair shop might vary depending upon what services you need. If you are looking purely for some cosmetic touch ups, you may go somewhere that does cosmetic work only. If you need collision repair for your car in Reno, you will want to look for a more full-service auto body repair shop to take care of your vehicle.

Ask Your Friends

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Ask your friends in the Reno community where they go for auto body repair.

The best place to start when looking for the right auto body repair shop in Reno is with your friends. Ask those you trust for referrals to where they have been happy with their auto body repair work. Read reviews of local auto body shops in the Reno community so you know what has worked for other customers in the area.

It is also helpful to look for an auto body repair shop that has technicians with a clear understanding of how the Reno climate can take a toll on your vehicle. Locals or those who have been in the Reno area for many years will understand what effects Reno weather has on cars and how to prevent or minimize damage done by weather conditions.

Look for Experts

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Look for an auto body repair shop with employees dedicated to their training.

Put your car in the hands of people who love cars and have the proper training to take care of your vehicle. There are certain things you can look for in an auto body repair shop’s team to show their training and expertise. Have the auto body repair shop mechanics there specialized or continued their education since their employment? What certifications or honors do the team members hold?

According to the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), some of the best indications that a staff is well-trained includes certificates of advanced coursework beyond trade school training. One of the best certificates to find at an auto body repair shop is a coursework training certificate from I-CAR, as the certifications by I-CAR are the national standard of technician competence issued by ASE.

Auto Body Repair at Liberty Collision

At Liberty Collision, our team has recognized training and skills in both the technical and customer service aspects of auto body and collision repair. Our certifications and awards include the I-CAR Platinum Certificate of Recognition for Achieving a High Level of Technical Training and Ford Motor Company Customer Service Silver Medallion Award. Liberty Collision is a family-owned small business where we care about honesty, integrity, and treating customers with respect. Liberty Collision works on all makes and models, so you can rest assured that your car is in qualified hands.

Contact us to learn more about Liberty Collision and our auto body repair services today!

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