The elements can be harsh on your car’s paint surface. How do you protect your car’s paint from chips, scrapes, and rust in the winter months? Here are a few tips from your Reno auto body repair shop, Liberty Collision.

#1: Know Your Opponent

When it comes to taking care of your car in the winter, the biggest threat to your car’s paint is road salt. In areas like Reno and Sparks, road salt is everywhere to keep roads from becoming icy after a snowfall. You can protect your car’s paint finish from road salt by starting your car winterizing rituals with a paint sealant.

#2: Be Careful When You Remove Snow or Ice

As you brush off snow from your car in the chilly mornings, you want to be mindful of what tools you use to remove snow. Avoid using hard scrapers on the body of your car, as these are best reserved for getting snow and ice from your windshield. Use a softer snow brush or a foam brush to remove snow from the body of your car. Proper snow removal brushes should be available at Reno auto body repair shops or larger home improvement stores near you.

#3: Wax Your Car

You can protect the auto paint by adding a protective layer of wax to your car. The wax will protect the finish from as much exposure to the harsh elements. You can find polymer wax at your local auto paint shop. If you wax your car regularly, your auto paint will hold up for much longer in any season. You can use a spray wax from a Reno body shop to supplement between when you apply polymer wax to your car.

#4: Try a High-Pressure Car Wash

auto paint restoration Liberty Collision Reno When you wash your car, you get rid of the grime and particulates that could cause erosion on your car’s paint finish. During the winter months, road salt and other elements can do a number on your vehicle. You can get all of the grit from the road with a high-pressure wash. Make sure you wash the undercarriage, the wheels, and the wheel wells.

Road salt can break down the surface of your auto paint and expose the metal underneath. You absolutely want to avoid this at all costs. If you find exposed metal, your car becomes a prime candidate for rust. If you choose to touch up your auto paint at home, remember that paint will dry differently in colder weather. Make sure you have removed all grime and road salt from the affected area before adding paint. Reno collision repair shops can do car paint touch ups to avoid rusting. Do not wait to get this done!

#5: Get Auto Paint Touch Ups at Reno Auto Body Repair Shop Liberty Collision

Reno body shop Liberty Collision has invested in tools and training to provide some of the best auto paint matching in the area. The Reno body shop carries PPG water-based paints, which are more vibrant and eco-friendly. These auto paints also provide better paint matching for your touch ups!
Call us today to if you are in need of collision repair or auto paint restoration!

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