The time has come for spring cleaning! Maybe you have already cleaned your home, but have you given your car the proper spring cleaning treatment? It’s time to discuss spring car maintenance tips. Reno winters can be harsh, and salt from the roads during the winter months can make your car dull and dirty. Make sure your car really shines before you take it out for a spin in the sun. Here are some spring car cleaning tips to get you started.

#1: Clean Car Vents

Your car’s air conditioning vents can gather dust and dirt. Take your spring car cleaning time to clean the vents so you can breathe fresh air. You can clean your car vents using a foam brush or using compressed air. You can use the compressed air in the same way you clean your computer keyboard. This cleaning option is mess-free.

#2: Get Rid of Pet Hair

Pet hair in your car can be unsightly. Add this tip to your spring cleaning routine! Use a spray bottle filled with water to loosen up the pet hair that has been living on those seats for months. Once you have sprayed down the seats, you can use a squeegee to wipe the pet hair away. Just make sure to wipe off the squeegee with a dry cloth so that you don’t end up putting pet hair back on your seats! This is a good spring cleaning activity to do outside, so any residual dampness will dry off quickly.

#3: Tackle Those Hard-to-Reach Crevices

There are certain areas in your car that are too small to clean by hand but also seem large enough to collect an entire year’s worth of crumbs. How can you get to those spots? Cover a flathead screwdriver with a dry cloth to get those crumbs out of small spaces. If you find some tough spots that just won’t budge, see if the compressed air can help you out!

#4: Protect Your Leather Interior

The leather interior on cars can take more of a beating in the summer months when the sun is out and your windows are rolled down. Cars with leather interiors can suffer in the sun if car owners do not take care of the leather. In the heat and direct sunlight, neglected leather can split/crack.

Before you take your car out on the town, add some leather care to your spring car cleaning list. Consult your car manual to verify what cleaning supplies can be used. This will get you started. Clear large particles from your leather seats with a vacuum. Clean the surface layer of dirt off using some leather cleaner and a microfiber towel. Use an old toothbrush with some baking soda and water to get dirt out of crevices and seams in the leather.

Give the leather a deep clean with a medium sized soft bristled brush and then wipe the seats off using a microfiber towel. Once you have clean leather seats, you can protect them by conditioning the leather. The conditioner needs at least an hour out of sunlight if you want to get the best results.

#5: Use Toothpaste to Brighten Your Headlights

Think you need brighter bulbs for your headlights? The problem may be the plastic protecting your headlights. Squeeze some toothpaste on a clean rag and start scrubbing. The grime will come off, and you will be left with bright headlights to keep you and others safe on the road.

#6: Paint Chip Repair

Check the surface of your car for cracks and chips in the paint. These imperfections become more apparent when your car isn’t buried under snow or covered in mud. If you find chips in your paint or scratches, you want to make sure the scratches have not gone all the way down to the metal and started to rust. If there are signs of rust, take your car into a car repair shop in Reno immediately for some rust repair.

#7: Take Your Car to Liberty Collision for Car Repairs

These are just a handful of simple tips to get you started on spring cleaning for your vehicle! At Liberty Collision, our expert team offers car repair services for different makes and models. From dent repair to windshield repair and replacement, Liberty Collision provides safe repairs for Reno and Sparks. Our priority is making sure your car is safe to drive on the road any day of the year.

Contact us for a quote on your car repair needs today!

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