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What are OEM parts?

OEM is an acronym that stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. While this usually pertains to the difference between Apple and Android when discussing your cell phone manufacturer, OEM has a very broad range in the automobile industry. In the early days of the automobile, only a handful of vehicle production companies existed.

Conversely, in present times, there are 14 major global corporations that control over 60 major automotive brands internationally. These numbers fail to include the additional small-scale companies that exist in various foreign countries. Whether you drive a Ford or a Fiat, having OEM coverage can significantly improve your vehicle repair process.

By purchasing OEM coverage, you ensure that aftermarket parts will not be used during collision repair to your vehicle. This will guarantee your parts are identical to the original manufactured product, which warrants the best quality and cohesion for your vehicle. If you intend to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition, Liberty Collision recommends utilizing OEM replacement parts.

You Get What You Pay For

During damage repair, most repair shops use aftermarket kits, as opposed to parts distributed by the dealership. This is because OEM parts are generally more costly to purchase. At Liberty Collision, we advise paying a small, consistent addition to your insurance policy, in order to save yourself a financial burden in the long run, while maintaining the original quality of both products and services associated with your vehicle.

The addition of an OEM Parts Endorsement Only Policy is an inexpensive commitment to quality care. OEM parts are confirmed to be crash tested and warranted by the existing manufacturer. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about aftermarket replacement parts. These genuine, original parts are guaranteed to fit your vehicle, as they were designed to meet its unique specifications.

It is important to determine whether your insurance provider offers this policy criteria. There are many discrepancies between insurance providers and policies. Additionally, if your provider offers OEM Endorsement, it is prudent to clarify whether OEM coverage pertains to broken glass repair as well, as some insurance providers do not cover OEM glass repair under their policy.

Premium Collision Repair

After a collision, your vehicle may require extensive repairs. Functional car damages leave your vehicle unable to safely drive or unable to drive at all. Not all damages to your vehicle can be seen initially. There may be internal damages that require a trained eye and professional equipment to detect.

At Liberty Collision, we can help you with all your collision repairs in Reno and Sparks. We can help manage your towing services to get your vehicle to our body shop. We use manufacturer’s parts and guidelines when repairing your vehicle. With over 30 years of experience, we can get you back on the road.

Liberty Collision LLC is the premier collision repair and auto body repair shop in Reno and Sparks. If you are looking for OEM repair, contact us today about our services. We are committed to restoring your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition. Whether it was a small or large collision, we’ll have it handled.

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