Fender benders happen all too often and cause dings, dents, and scratches on your bumpers. The other culprit is poles, especially located in parking lots. If you backed up into an unseen pole, you may be even more motivated to hide the evidence with some professional bumper repair!

If you were in a fender bender, you may find your bumpers have dents or damage. The extent of the damage will determine how much collision repair is needed. Do you have a few scratches? Do you need to remove dents? Or do you need to replace the bumper entirely? Professionals can help you determine what is needed and how much repairs will cost.

Bumpers on cars are made from different materials. The material used for your bumpers will affect how it can be repaired. Some bumpers are made from plastic materials, and others are mainly made of chrome. Learn if your bumpers are made of sheet metal or plastic before buying a DIY bumper repair kit.

Plastic Bumper Repair

Bumper Repair Reno

Fender benders can be common and often require bumper repair.

Make sure the damaged area of your bumper is clean before you perform any repairs. Remove debris or paint from the other car or post. Make sure you know what types of plastic were used in making your car’s bumper, as different materials will affect your repair options.

You can fix tears in your bumper with liquid adhesives available at auto paint stores. Make sure you are in an open area, since these adhesives can let off some nasty fumes. Adhesives also work only in a certain temperature range, so read the directions and make sure the weather is not too hold or cold for your DIY bumper repair plan to work.

Chrome Bumper Repair

Car scratch repairs on chrome bumpers should be addressed immediately if the scratches take off layers of your car’s paint. If you leave the metal underneath the scratch exposed to the elements, you can cause your car to rust. This is not an issue with scratches on a plastic bumper. Look into simple car scratch repairs to keep your car from having more problems like rust.

If you have a dent in your bumper, you may be able to repair your bumper with paintless dent repair techniques. Paintless dent repair would only work if your car’s paint is intact.

Fender Bender Repair

If you are in a fender bender, take your car into an auto collision repair shop. An auto accident can compromise your car’s frame structure or alignment. A damaged frame can wear out your tires quickly and cause more car damage. Make sure the team at a collision repair shop can verify if the fender bender damaged your frame.

Bumper Repair at Liberty Collision

Reno Bumper Repair

Get your bumpers repaired at Liberty Collision to get back on the road!

At Liberty Collision auto body repair shop, our auto repair team can get you back on the road safely and efficiently after a fender bender. If you are embarrassed to have run into a stationary object, your secret is safe with us!

From collision repairs to cosmetic car repairs, the team at Liberty Collision can handle it. Call us for a quote on your bumper repair in Reno today!

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