Take care of your car by visiting your Reno auto body shop to get some car body work done. You can drive around for awhile with damage to your car’s exterior, but doing so can cause further damage and even be dangerous.

Different Types of Car Body Work

Car body work describes services performed by your Reno auto body repair shop to the body of your car. Your car’s body is the outer shell of your car. Car body work at your Reno car repair shop includes fender bender repair, dent removal, and paintless dent repair, and more. The car body work will vary depending on the materials that make up your car’s exterior.

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Car body work keeps your Reno vehicles in tip top shape.

Car body work at your Reno car repair shop also includes painting services. The body of your car will need painting services if you find large scratches or see signs of rusting on the exterior of your car. If you have scratches or car rust, visit your Reno shop for some car body paint work. At Liberty Collision, we use eco-friendly PPG water-based paint for car paint body work on vehicles in Reno and Sparks. With our updated paint technology, we can improve paint matching abilities to give you the best paint match in Reno.

Sometimes the car body work at your Reno auto repair shop doesn’t involve the panels of your car. Some car body problems actually involve the frame of your car. If your car frame is damaged, this damage affects the structural integrity of your entire car. Auto body repair shops in Reno can perform frame straightening and frame welding as part of their car body work services.

Why Car Body Work Is Important

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Get your car body work done at Reno’s Liberty Collision today!

If you are driving around with scratches and dings on your car, you could be exposing the inner layers of your car’s body to the Reno elements. Scratches can go deep in your car’s surface to expose the metal layer. If the metal layer is exposed, you expose yourself to rusting. Rust can eat up the body of your car. Visit your Reno auto repair shop to remove rust as part of your car’s body work as soon as possible.

Many people think that a dent or ding from a fender bender is no reason to visit the auto body repair shop. Car body work is important for your vehicle because of the sensors in your car. Minor damage to the body of your car can disrupt the timing of sensors that trigger your airbags in a collision. Visit your Reno collision repair shop for car body work so you can drive safely.

Car Body Work at Reno’s Liberty Collision

Get your car’s body work done at Reno’s Liberty Collision. Liberty Collision is a top-notch auto body repair shop in Reno. From paintless dent repair to rust removal, Liberty Collision has you covered when it comes to car body work in Reno.

Contact us if you have questions about car body work in Reno. Visit Liberty Collision in Reno for your car body work today!

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