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Choosing the best car insurance is SO important. Regardless of what car insurance you do have, we will always work for YOU to insure you’re being covered.

Consumer Advocate came out with an awesome article talking about the Best Car Insurance Based on In-Depth Reviews.

Their team spent over 400 hours conducting research on topics such as supplemental coverages, pricing, claims satisfaction and customer service, and even an FAQ section answering a handful of commonly asked questions! They used over 61 sources, vetted 18 companies, reviewed 18 features, and they have 10 top picks.

They analyzed the multiple car insurance companies by financial strength, pricing & discounts, claims satisfaction & customer experience, and automation.

The market is changing, and they found more and more companies are adopting new risk management approaches that integrate the latest technological advances to predict and price risk with greater accuracy.

Before choosing a car insurance company to protect you, take a look at their guide, HERE.

And as alway, if you’re in need of collision repair, remember YOU choose who repairs your vehicle, not your insurance company. Contact us if you’re ever in need.

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