Did you know that 65% of vehicles sold today need a pre and post vehicle scan? It is possible for your car to be having issues internally but you wouldn’t know what the problem is without a vehicle scan. So, what are vehicle repair diagnostic scans?

A vehicle repair diagnostic scan checks the electrical systems of your vehicle. There are a lot of safety systems that are electrical. Sometimes when you are in a collision you may have a code error, but it doesn’t show visually, such as: parking sensors, active cruise control, blind spot monitoring and airbags. There are many forces encountered in a vehicle collision that can damage electrical circuits which are not easily diagnosed with just a visual inspection.

Especially after a collision, it is recommended to determine the post-collision status or any Diagnostic Trouble Codes. Any vehicle repair that requires the electrical components in your car to be disconnected will then require a post-diagnostic vehicle scan to ensure the component is connected back properly. Any vehicle damage that requires body part replacement will also always need a post-repair diagnostic scan.

Here is a list of some of the items you’ll want to make sure are checked during diagnostic scans:
» Front passenger’s seat weight sensor
» Adaptive cruise control
» Forward collision warning
» Multi-view camera systems
» Blind spot information
» Rear bumper signals
» And more!

If you haven’t received a diagnostic scan or do not know if you have, please give us a call so we can set up an appointment for you.

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