Are you looking to fix deep car scratches on your vehicle? Perhaps you need paintless dent repair? How much does it cost to fix deep car scratches and what techniques do body shops use to fix deep scratches and dents?

There are several options when it comes to how body shops fix scratches and dents. One is sure to fall within your budget.

Paintwork Repairs to Scratches

Needing a car paint repair is inevitable. All cars are going to get dings, chips, and scratches, but it doesn’t mean you have to leave them there. Deep scratches lessen the protection a paint job gives a vehicle. This leaves the metal exposed to possible corrosion.

The most common paint used by factories on vehicles today is clear-coated catalyzed enamel. Touch up paint, however, whether applied by a dealership, yourself, or by a body shop, will be lacquer.

Unlike enamel, all lacquer-based paints, whether clear, color, or primer shrink as they dry. So, although these repairs can be done at home with research and minimal cost, a dealership or reputable body shop can give you a professional looking result.

Dealerships can charge as much as $50 – $300 for just 2 ounces of a VIN-matched paint, and another $500 or more to actually repair a major scratch. Even a small scratch will usually run no less than $150 – $200. A body shop can often perform the work cheaper than a dealership.

There are three different types of paintwork repairs to scratches used by body shops. The following methods can fix deep scratches on car bumper, depending on your vehicle, as well as other areas of your car.

• Touchup Paint

This is the least expensive option at the body shop, but has its drawbacks. The body shop will begin by using your VIN number to match the precise color. But matching the color does not guarantee a perfect match in the finish and feel of the repair compared to the rest of the car.

But if your greatest concern is monetary and the scratch is not in a noticeable area, this might be the right solution for you.

• Airbrushing

This is a quick and inexpensive fix. It is often preferred when dealing with flat colors. It is a technique often used at dealerships to cover flaws in used vehicles.

Both airbrushing and touchup paint are considered short-term fixes (~ 2 years) and can peel up over time. But again, you can’t beat the price.

• Full Repair

A full repair is often needed for metallic or pearl finishes. This is the most permanent fix. It is a more complicated and expensive process, involving many layers of sanding, priming, filling, wet sanding, and, finally, painting and is done to an entire panel at a time.

A cheaper alternative to many coats is to have the body shop use a combined base/clear coat. A combined base/clear coat can be between $600-$700. You can also cut the cost down by doing some or all the work yourself if you are willing to invest some time.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is an inexpensive and quick method used when the factory paint is not damaged. Dents and dings can usually be repaired in about an hour and the cost is usually only half as much as a paintwork repair. PDR has many advantages but cannot be performed in some cases where the dings are very deep, or where the paint has cracked.

The location of the dent can also be a factor in whether PDR would work. Repairs can range from under $75 to several hundreds of dollars.

This article provides more insight into how much it costs to fix deep car scratches and dents. The answer? It can be as costly or cost effective as your wallet and aesthetic tendencies dictate. Whether you are trying to fix deep scratches on your car bumper or fix deep car scratches on other areas of your vehicle, your body shop should have an option for you.

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