Here are Liberty Collision, we’re here for you for all your collision repair needs. But, in all actually we don’t want to see you in a collision! Your safety is our number one priority, always. With summer in full swing, and everyone being cooped up in their homes the past few months, people are ready to hit the road and go on their summer adventures. That means more people on the road. You know these already, but here are some tips to just give you a refresher for staying safe on the road during the summer months.

  • Avoid Distracted Driving: whether its from your cellphone, eating/drinking, arguments, the kids yelling in the back, the dog panting in your ear – you get the gist, do your best to not let it distract you. If you need to pull over, pull over! Being a little late is always better than not showing up at all.
  • Prepare your vehicle for summer: these are not services we provide at Liberty Collision, but it’s important to keep your vehicle in good condition. Make sure you are up to date on oil changes, tune-ups, tire rotations, fluid refills, windshield wiper replacements, and servicing your air conditioning.
  • Watch your surroundings: this can also fall under avoid distracted driving. But with school out, there are more teens on the road, and with less experience their driving may not be as good – plus we all know teens have a problem with putting their cell phones down. Also make sure you’re watching out for pedestrians walking and cyclists. With the weather being nicer, more people will be out and about!
  • If you’re tired, don’t drive: again, getting to your location late is better than not getting there at all. If you’re trying to get to your campsite late at night but are having a hard time keeping your eyes open, just pull over! When you’re tired, more mistakes are made and sometimes a mistake can cause a life.

Sometimes when collisions happen, it’s not your fault, but if we all do our part to be a little better, hopefully that means less crashes. If you do find yourself in a collision, call us! If your vehicle isn’t drivable we can help you get it to our shop. Stay safe out there this summer and have the best time with family and friends.

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