At Liberty Collision, we pride ourselves on providing clear, straightforward communication. Keep reading as we demystify a topic that can sometimes be a source of stress for vehicle owners: Out-Of-Pocket Expenses in collision repair.

Beyond the Deductible: What You Need to Know

Most car owners are familiar with the concept of a deductible – it’s the amount you’re responsible for when having repairs done through your insurance policy. However, this isn’t always where your financial responsibility ends.

Why Might There Be Additional Costs?

  1. Difference in Part Costs: Sometimes, the cost of parts chosen by the insurance company might differ from the ones recommended or required for your specific vehicle. For instance, your insurance might cover the cost of a generic part when the manufacturer recommends a specific brand or type.
  2. Additional Repairs: Perhaps you’ve decided that while your car is in the shop, you’ll address some unrelated issues. These won’t be covered by the accident-related claim.
  3. Policy Limits: Some insurance policies have limits on what they’ll cover, such as capping off hourly labor rates or using refurbished parts.
  4. Disagreements on Necessary Tasks: Occasionally, there might be a discrepancy between what the insurance believes is necessary and what the vehicle manufacturer dictates as essential for a repair.

We Advocate for You

At Liberty Collision in Reno and Sparks, NV, we’re not just here to repair your car; we’re here to be your advocate. We’ll always do our utmost to negotiate with insurers and ensure you’re getting the fairest, safest, and most appropriate repair. Unfortunately, there can be situations where our hands are tied, and additional costs might fall to you, the consumer.

Contact Liberty Collision for Collision Repair in Reno & Sparks

The vehicle repair process can sometimes be complex, but it’s our mission to make it as seamless and transparent as possible. Remember, while insurance plays a significant role, the ultimate agreement for repairs is between the vehicle owner and the repair facility. If ever in doubt or if you have questions about potential out-of-pocket costs, please reach out to us. We’re always here to guide and support you through every step of the repair journey.

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