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At Liberty Collision, we follower manufacturer recommendations when it comes to repairing vehicles. For Chevrolet vehicles in particular, there are specific repairs and inspections required after a collision for seat belt repair. Sometimes during a collision, a seat belt can get damaged but the damage may not be apparent to the eye. That is why it is extremely important to follow manufacturer recommendations.

These are the guidelines we follow.

  • Replace any seat belt system that was in use during the collision serious enough to deploy any automatic restraint device such as air bags and seat belt pretensioners. This not only includes seat belt systems in use by people of adult size, but seat belt systems used to secure child restraints, infant carriers and booster seats, including LATCH system and top tether anchorages.
  • Replace any seat belt system that has torn, worn, or damaged components. This not only includes adult seat belt systems, but built-in child restraints and LATCH system components, if any.
  • Replace any seat belt system if you observe the words “REPLACE” or “CAUTION”, or if a yellow tag is visible. Do not replace a seat belt if only the child seat caution label is visible.
  • Replace any seat belt system if you are doubtful about its condition. This not only includes adult seat belt systems, but built-in child restraints, LATCH system components, and any restraint system used to secure infant carriers, child restraints, and booster seats.

Do NOT replace single seat belt system components in vehicles that have been in a collision as described above. Always replace the entire seat belt system with the buckle, guide and retractor assembly, which includes the latch and webbing material.

After a minor collision where no automatic restraint device was deployed, seat belt system replacement may not be necessary, unless some of the parts are torn, worn, or damaged.

You can also find this public information that we follow here.

If you’ve been in a collision, even a minor one, please bring your Chevrolet by. We want to make sure you’re back on the road safely!

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