We’re still in the midst of summer and even though we specialize in fixing cars after accidents, we want to make sure you’re staying safe on the road. There are a lot more people on the road this time of year and with all that extra traffic you will want to make sure your vehicle to safe for family travels. Here are some summer safety driving tips to keep you safe this summer.

Do a Vehicle Check-Up Before Long Trips
Before any trip, you’ll want to make sure you’re checking the following on your vehicle so you’re not breaking down in the summer heat.
– Check your battery life and inspect battery cables
– Inspect your brake pads and linings for wear
– Check the air pressure in all of your tires
– Test your headlights, brake lights, blinkers, and emergency flashers

Check Your Vehicle for Recalls
As a vehicle owner, you may not always know when your vehicle has been recalled. NHTSA’s VIN look-up tool lets you enter a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to quickly learn if a specific vehicle has not been repaired as part of a safety recall in the last 15 years.

Pack An Emergency Roadside Kit
You may keep your vehicle in perfect condition and keep up with your ongoing vehicle maintenance, but with the number of people on the road during this time of year, accidents still do happen. When those accidents do happen you’ll want to make sure you have an emergency roadside kit. In it, you should include:
– Cell phone & charger
– Snacks
– Flashlight
– Roadside flares
– Jumper cables
– Emergency blankets, towels, and coats
– Basic repair tools and duct tape
– Water
– Extra windshield wiper fluid
– Maps (especially if you’re travelling in an area with no service)

We hope that some of these summer safety driving tips will keep you safe and prepared on the road this year. If you do find yourself in an unfortunate situation on the road, always remember that YOU choose who fixes your vehicle after a collision. We’ll work with you and your insurance to make sure to get your vehicle back on the road.

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