vehicle paint damage

Majority of us love to make sure our vehicle looks good for long-lasting equity. Making sure your vehicle stays looking good means making sure the paint stays in pristine shape. There are a surprising amount of things that can cause vehicle paint damage that you may not know about.

For all you parents out there, you can understand this one. You may be wondering how fingers can cause paint damage. Well think of all the dust on your vehicle, when, fingers rub that dust on the paint, it acts as a sandpaper, which over time can dull your paint color and cause scratches.

Splattered Bugs
Obviously this isn’t something we can stop from happening. Bugs are extremely acidic which causes paint damage. If you don’t wash your car often, then those bugs might etch themselves into the paint.

Brake Fluid
When in contact with your vehicle, brake fluid can cause damage to your paint. Silicon-based brake fluids act like paint thinner and it causes the paint to wear off.

Spilled Gas Fuel
There are many reasons why you should “top-off” your gas when filling up. One of the reasons is that it could cause vehicle paint damage. Brown markings on the side of your fuel cap are an indication of the tank being full to the brim. Fuel will erode the top layer of the paint on your vehicle. If you notice you spill fuel on your vehicle, wipe it down with a microfiber wash cloth immediately.

Bird Droppings
Bird droppings are acidic and because of that they can leave a permanent mark on the outside of your car. When you’re in the sun, the bird droppings will harden and leave an even worse mark. When you see a bird dropping, wash it off with a microfiber cloth as soon as you can.

If you notice you have vehicle paint damage, give us a call! Our paint repair services are top of the line.

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