The best way to start the new year is to face it with adequate preparation, reasonable caution, and bold expectations for a bright and promising future! While this might be your plan, there are others on the highways and byways who may not be approaching the new year with the same thoughtfulness. Many drivers are excited, anxious, overwhelmed, and preoccupied while driving. And when drivers are not paying attention, or worse, drive recklessly, the chances of being involved in an accident are high. How do you make sure your plans and their lack of planning do not collide, literally? Below we have a few tips of cautionary measures you can take to help prevent being involved in a car accident this season.

  1. A good practice while driving is to continuously drive defensively by looking out for your neighbor on the road. Many people are rushing to get from point A to B and are not paying attention like they should while driving. So be courteous while driving, maybe even more than usual, since some drivers may have given in to the stress of the start to a new year. If you have to, take the high road when drivers make mistakes and are thoughtful to avoid situations that lead to road rage or possible accidents.
  2. Using extra caution includes carefully entering traffic at intersections after traffic light stops, stop signs, or just turning from one lane to another. Avoid the tendency to slow down at stop signs when the law says come to a complete stop, look both ways, and proceed with caution for your safety. Remember, you are checking for the person who might fail to heed the warning of the sign or traffic light. Be a double-looker when making right-hand turns after stopping. And to further protect yourself and others by knowing your car’s blind spots and limitations of your rearview and side mirrors.
  3. When driving on the highway, watch for large trucks sharing the lanes with drivers who sometimes forget that truckers are working when they get behind the wheel. These truck drivers are not driving for pleasure; they are working. They also have a schedule to meet and a destination to reach, and when small vehicles forget that they cannot stop abruptly, it can put the driver’s life and other drivers in jeopardy. Watch for large trucks, and remember, they too have blind spots, and drivers who find themselves along the side of large trucks should make sure they are visible in the truck’s side mirror, or better yet, try to avoid such situations. The goal of every driver is to be safe and arrive without harm. We all have somewhere to be, but it is essential that we arrive safely and not cause damage to others during our journey.

You know the expression, “You can’t be too careful!” Well, in essence, that’s our motto. Be safe, be proactive in ensuring your protection, and if you need our services, we will greet you with open hands to help should the need arise. We believe taking extreme precautions can minimize a situation and thus save lives and dollars in repairs. Yet, we know that even the best drivers can find themselves in need of our services. The professionals here at Liberty Collision promise to repair your vehicle to its original state and have you on the road again with minimal delay and maximum effort. Be safe and greet the new day strong, positive, and eager to turn the next corner cautiously.

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