A question we receive often is, “how much does is cost to repaint my car?” but it really is dependent on the job. At Liberty Collision we specialize in car painting in Reno. This is the type of job that requires years of expertise and clear communication – as everyone you drive past will see your car, so you’ll want to make sure the job will be done beautifully.

At Liberty Collision, when it comes to car painting in Reno, we use quality materials. Car painting in Reno is a very labor intensive project – which is why its not a cheap process.

To start the car painting in Reno process, we completely dis-assemble the vehicle to paint it just like it was painted at the vehicle factory. At Liberty Collision, we do not mask anything. To change your vehicle’s color, we also have to paint inside the doors, and under the hood and trunk lid. When the car painting in Reno process is complete, your car will look like it just rolled off the car dealership lot.

The cost for this type of project starts at $10,000.00 and could go up from there depending on the customers wants and needs. We will be the first to admit that there are other auto body shops that will do it for less, however you are not getting the same quality, warranty and performance.

Car painting in Reno usually take about 4-6 weeks, depending on the type of car painting job.

At Liberty Collision, we also color match. Say if you receive hail damage on the hood and roof of your vehicle, we’ll take those parts off the vehicle and make sure when the new pieces are assembled, the color will match the original color of your vehicle.

On top of receiving top-notch service, we also offer a lifetime warranty. We pride ourselves at doing the best job and providing excellent customer service. The next time you’re searching for car painting in Reno, make sure to contact us!

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