If you have been in a car collision or accident, your car may or may not be drivable. Sometimes there is more damage than you think under the car or internally. If you drive your car to a collision auto body shop, and more damage is done to the car, your insurance will most likely not cover the damage. Will will help with car towing in Reno after a collision.
Many people do not know this, but if your car is not drivable or you do not feel comfortable driving it, your insurance company will pay for it. As the owner of the vehicle, it is your responsibility to mitigate the damages to your vehicle. That’s why car towing in Reno is so important after you’ve been in an accident.
Let’s say your suspension piece on your vehicle is bent and you drive your vehicle, and it break and causes more damage to your car, the insurance company could end up denying your claim because it should have been towed.
If you have been in an accident, not only will we help get your car back on the road in one piece, but we help you set up towing. All you need to do is give us a phone call at (775) 329-3368. We will make sure to handle all the work in subletting it out to a towing company that we work closely with. We’ll handle your car towing in Reno after a collision.

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