You may not even notice as you drive each day, but your car’s wheels can be ever so slightly out of alignment, leading you to expensive and dangerous consequences. You can avoid costly repairs and car damage by getting your alignment checked and fixed at an auto body shop.

What Causes Alignment Problems?

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Don’t let your tire pressure mess with your wheel alignment!

Your car’s wheel alignment can become abnormal over time, but certain driving conditions can exacerbate alignment problems. If you are driving on poor quality roads with many potholes, or if you bump a curb, these relatively small issues can throw off your car’s alignment!

The air pressure in your tires can also cause issues with your alignment if the pressure is not balanced. Save yourself time and money by checking your tire pressure regularly, as this simple step can help you avoid safety hazards and money in future repairs or tire replacements.

Wheel Alignment and Your Tires

Improper wheel alignment wears down your tires a lot faster, and you could end up buying a whole new set of tires earlier than you planned. It is a good idea to go to a car repair shop and get your wheel alignment checked about every 6,000 miles. If you are trying to decide if it’s time to get your car’s alignment checked, take a quick look at your tires. If your tires are unevenly worn down, your car’s wheel alignment is in need of some help!

When you visit an automotive repair shop for a wheel alignment, the repair shop professionals will examine your wheels and tires and also inspect the proper torquing of bolts. At Liberty Collision, we have found bolts missing or loose when putting tires on a vehicle’s wheels. This can be a serious safety issue beyond the rapid wear and tear of your tires, and it is something we can detect while checking your car’s alignment.

Suspension and Steering

Your car’s suspension system includes shock absorbers and various mechanical designs that control how your car reacts to bumps and holes in the road. The suspension system also includes the mechanisms that control how your car handles the side to side sway caused when you make a quick turn.

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Don’t wait to get your wheel alignment fixed at an auto body shop in Reno.

Your car’s steering system consists of the physical structure and power devices in your car that help you control the direction of the vehicle when moving. Your car’s suspension and steering systems factor in greatly to how a car “feels” to drive in different conditions. If your car begins to feel different while driving in the same conditions you frequent, it may be time to get some professional eyes on your vehicle at an auto body shop.

Fix Your Wheel Alignment and Suspension and Steering Systems at Liberty Collision

At Liberty Collision, our trained team can help identify issues your car may have with wheel alignment as well as your suspension and steering. We care about getting cars back on the road for safe driving so you don’t have to worry about your car causing problems as you drive. Liberty Collision is the auto body repair shop in Reno to visit for all of your car repair needs, from alignment to dent repair and more!

Stop by Liberty Collision to get your car back in good driving shape today!

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