Not all car repairs require a full team of car experts. You can repair your car on your own if you have the right tools, and if the job is simple enough for some good old DIY hacks. At Liberty Collision, we have come up with some DIY car repair tips for you.

What Car Repairs are DIY

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Which car repairs can you do in a weekend with a few tools?

DIY car repairs must be simple and safe enough for you to do on your own — so how do you know what should be left to the experts versus what would take an hour in your garage? DIY car repairs can include doing your own car tuneups as well as replacing a drive belt, battery and brake pads. You can also replace fuel filters and spark plugs, change your own oil, check and change out your coolant.

Another important car repair that you can do on your own is changing out the power steering fluid. Old power steering fluid can cause your steering to slow down, which is not safe for driving. Power steering can be taken for granted because we don’t realize how important it is until it stops working all of a sudden. The best part of DIY power steering replacement is that you can do it with a turkey baster — maybe don’t use the same one for your car and your Thanksgiving turkey!

You can repair your windshield or dents in your car on your own, depending on how much you are willing to spend on products for things like paintless dent repair. Look up the repair you want to do on YouTube and see how long the experts estimate the repair will take. If the project is too overwhelming, visit an auto body repair shop in Reno or Sparks so qualified can take care of your car.

Tools for DIY Car Repairs

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Do you have all the tools you need for your DIY car repair project?

Before you get down and dirty with repairing your car on your own, make sure you have the proper tools in your garage. Simple care repairs usually require tools including a trolley jack, an adjustable wrench, a torque wrench, pliers, a socket and ratchet set, and Phillips and flat head screwdrivers.

If you are replacing anything on your car, make sure you have the replacement parts at the ready before you start your car repair project. There are few things more frustrating than the moment you are ready to repair a part on your car and you realize you don’t have it! Avoid the frustration by getting your replacement parts and tools arranged before you start repairing your car.

DIY Car Repair Safety

Make sure you also have protection for yourself. Keep in mind that you only have one pair of eyes, so perform car repairs while wearing safety glasses as an extra caution. Wear gloves when you work to protect yourself from exposure to sharp or hot metals as well.

Car Repairs with Liberty Collision

For the tough stuff, our technicians at Liberty Collision can take care of your car repairs. Call us if you have had a DIY car repair project go awry, and we perform car repairs properly. At Liberty Collision, we can do everything from cosmetic car repairs to full auto body repairs after auto accidents.

Our team at Liberty Collision wishes you the best of luck with your DIY car repair project!

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