What are the challenges of running a collision repair shop with a limited parts supply?

What are the challenges of running a collision repair shop with a limited parts supply?

According to a recent survey of auto repair shops in the United States, parts shortage is the biggest challenge facing automotive repair, and service shops going forward. Following the consequences of COVID-19 in particular, the United States faced a shortage of many essential products and necessities. The automotive industry is not exempt from this rule. Finding parts specific to your vehicle, model and damage needs can take time, so it is important to be courteous of auto repair shops like ours.

How can Liberty Collision overcome these challenges and continue to provide high-quality repairs to their customers?

At Liberty Collision, our objective is to acquire these parts as efficiently and affordably as possible for our customers throughout Reno and Sparks. Unfortunately, however, we often experience recalls, extended lead and repair times, and parts shortages, that hinder the time it takes us to repair your vehicle. In addition to the products and supplies themselves, there’s also an existing shortage of auto mechanics. Luckily, you can find reliable professional technicians here at Liberty Collision!

What is the typical process for ordering and receiving parts from suppliers, and how can it be improved?

The process of ordering and achieving mechanical parts is tedious. Before we can do our jobs, the vendor must accept our order, pick and pack it, and ship these items safely to our shop. Assuming the items arrive in a timely fashion and are undamaged, we can proceed with installing or repairing your vehicle.

Here at Liberty Collision, we are proactive about strategizing orders to maximize our time, as well as our customers. We seek to maintain good relationships with both our suppliers and our local customers, in order to deliver the best service possible.

What are some possible solutions to the current parts shortage crisis in the collision repair industry?
Currently, the parts shortage is on the rise since the establishment of the pandemic. The international supply chain distribution has significantly impaired our industry, as attributable to factory/port shutdowns. We are optimistic that this shortage will be improved as society resumes normalcy.

Rising interest rates have settled the car market for the time being, which has increased suppliers and decreased shortage, hopefully yielding price reductions in this new year of 2023. There are a variety of challenges to achieving a successful supply chain transformation. According to a recently conducted study, the biggest conflicts faced in 2022 from worldwide business owners pertain to; material scarcity, difficult demand forecasting, inflation, increasing freight prices, changing consumer attitudes, port congestion, restructuring, and digital transformation.

How will Liberty Collision’s continued success be impacted by these supply chain challenges?

Product-based businesses like ours are trying to adapt to the trends and recover from the hurdles that the pandemic presented on today’s supply chain distribution. You can contribute to the well-being of the automotive industry by bringing your vehicle into Liberty Collision, today.

Despite supply chain disruption, we are prudent about developing a successful business and prioritizing our customers! We are confident in our craftsmanship and repair services. If you are seeking professional collision and auto body repair, contact our shop in Reno and Sparks.

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