According to travel experts, more people will be on the roads to visit family and friends than we have seen in a while. So we want to give you a few tips to stay safe, alert, and plan ahead for this holiday season.

Break up your driving time

We know how traveling to see family and friends is exciting, and the wait can be tough. However, it is better to arrive safely, which could mean a longer duration to arrive at your destination. If traveling with other drivers, share the drive and take breaks to ensure alertness. Break up long trips (10-12 hours or more) into stayovers along the route to ensure a well-rested, alert person is behind the wheel at all times. It may be a good idea to plan out your travel and make lodging reservations in advance.

Have your vehicle checked

Make sure you check your oil level and the date you may need an oil change. If your vehicle is close to needing an oil change, then go ahead and complete the oil change because a long trip could put more stress on your car. You also want to check and ensure all of your lights and signals are functioning properly to avoid accidents.

Have an emergency kit

All cars should have an emergency kit. This includes cables, flashlights, a spare tire, and emergency tools. In cold climates, pack blankets to ensure warmth inside the vehicle. If you are caught in a bad weather storm while traveling, it’s best to come off the road and find a safe place to stay out of the storm. Do not sit in a car with the engine running to avoid any chance of carbon monoxide poisoning. Another tip is to pack snacks to decrease unnecessary stops and keep the passengers content.

Drive defensively

Stay alert and avoid distractions like answering your phone and checking text messages. Instead, the driver needs to be focused on one thing: operating the vehicle safely and watching out for other drivers and pedestrians. It’s important to always think of the safety of those in the car with you first.

Plan ahead

Check the weather forecast, road construction, alternate routes, and events along the route, causing an extended travel time due to traffic. In addition, holiday festivities might cause some travelers to be too relaxed or overly tired and thus impair their abilities to respond promptly when driving. So be extra careful if you are driving at night and allow time for rest.

Drive Safely

Drive according to the speed limits and conditions of the roadway. Reaching excessive speeds is dangerous and illegal. And remember, large commercial vehicles will be on the road, and many of them have signs on the truck mentioning blind spots. So please drive with caution when passing or driving in the lane next to large vehicles.

Even with these precautions, you might still need our help, but we believe you will be less inclined to encounter serious problems. But, if you need to seek help for repairs, you know where to reach us at Liberty Collision. We work on all makes and models and provide towing, paint and body repair, restoration, and much more.

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