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Your safety is our top priority at Liberty Collison and we want to make sure our clients are driving safely on the road. Many of us have hectic lives, and our cars help us complete tasks quicker and more efficiently. However, we shouldn’t put other drivers in danger by speeding due to our urgency to get errands accomplished.

There are many misconceptions about speeding, but one thing is for sure, speeding is illegal and unsafe. The fact is if you drive above the maximum speed limit or drive too fast for the weather, road, or traffic conditions, even if you are not exceeding the posted speed limit – it can be dangerous to you and others. In addition, driving fast increases the likelihood of a collision with motorists, pedestrians, or objects. At Liberty Collision, we see many cars come in that have been involved in crashes due to speeding, and it is not a pretty sight. We will discuss why people speed, the dangers of speeding, and what you can do to prevent speeding.

Why do drivers speed?

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There are several reasons why people speed. When seeing a speeding driver, the first thought that comes to mind may be, “What’s the rush?” Many people are in a hurry to get to their destination, so they speed to try and make up for the time. Some drivers are speeding because they are not paying attention. It’s very easy to put your foot down on the gas and just go, especially when there’s no traffic.  And some teen drivers may listen to music loudly and speed due to peer pressure from friends or trying to be cool and fit in.

And lastly, some people enjoy speeding and do not think it’s dangerous. The downfall to thinking speeding isn’t dangerous is that speedy drivers do not consider the driving ability of others on the road. So while you may be an excellent driver who could compete in a Nascar race, someone’s 16-year-old who just got her license can be driving on the same road as you and not have a fast brake pedal reaction time to avoid a car collision. Remember, there is no such thing as speeding safely. As a driver, we must think of other drivers on the road and not just ourselves.

Whether you are in a hurry or enjoy speeding, the risks will never equal the reason for a car collision to be the result. We want all of our customers to drive safely and drive the legal speed limit to lessen the chances of a car accident.

Reasons why speeding is so dangerous!

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We can’t stress enough how dangerous speeding can be. Did you know that the faster you drive, the greater your risk of a crash and the more severe the injury can be? But there’s more! The faster you drive, the harder you will hit another vehicle, pedestrian, or object in a collision. So, not only do you increase your chances of a crash while speeding, but you also increase the likelihood of being injured and/or injuring someone else.

Speeding also contributes to the increased risk of losing control of the vehicle. At higher speeds, cars become more difficult to manage, especially while driving around corners or curves. Sometimes we never know what our tires will encounter on the road ahead. You may hit a pile of dirt or slide into a sheet of black ice during the winter. After these unforeseen roadblocks, your car may spin out of control, and speeding will only make gaining back control of your vehicle much harder.

Of course, no one wants to bear the pain and trauma of hurting another driver, passenger, or pedestrian due to speeding. Another aspect of why speeding is so bad is the person most likely to be injured is the passenger(s), not the driver. So, if you care for your friends and family riding in your car, slow down. No matter where you are in a hurry to get to, the goal is to arrive alive without harming yourself and others.

How to avoid speeding

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There are many ways to avoid speeding—a very simple way to leave early, so you don’t have to rush. You know the saying, “hast makes waste” well, it is true. If you are speeding because you are trying to make up for lost time and then get pulled over, the result is more time lost than before. Also, if you left late to visit somewhere, be okay with arriving late and plan better next time. Another famous saying is, “better late than never,” and that’s also very true. Arriving late is way better than never arriving due to a nasty car collision because of speeding.

Another way to prevent speeding is to use cruise control. Take maintaining the correct speed limit off your plate and just cruise. This is a sure-fire way to stay in control and abide by the speed limits. The last option to avoid speeding is to stay under the speed limit. If the speed limit is 70 miles per hour, drive 65 miles per hour. While this may not sound cool to go under the speed limit, especially when most drivers drive 5 to 10 miles per hour over the speed limit, it’s also not cool to have a $400 speeding ticket, points deducted from your license, or worse hurting yourself or someone else. We can think of a million things that are not cool when it comes to speeding because we’ve seen it all and heard it all here at Liberty Collision.

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While we love to see our customers return for an auto repair, we hate when the news is terrible, and they are involved in speeding collision accidents. So, to all of our readers, please do not speed. It only takes one driving error, at one moment in time to cause a casualty crash. Never forget that having a car is a luxury; some people must walk or take public transportation to run errands and go places. As drivers on the road, we have a responsibility to drive according to the law to show common courtesy for others also using the road, like pedestrians, bikers, and other drivers. At Liberty Collision, we know accidents happen that are out of our control. However, we can all do our part and drive the legal speed limit to lessen the likelihood of an accident occurring and harming ourselves and others.

If you’re in an accident, contact Liberty Collision today and we can help you out!

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