Not all auto body repairs are created equally. How do you know it’s time to visit an auto body repair shop? What repairs can you attempt on your own, and what types of repairs should you leave to the qualified experts?

Auto Body Repair Shops

There are so many auto body repair shops to choose from in Reno. How do you choose which car repair shop to visit? There are a few criteria that can help you make your decision.

Many people feel more comfortable taking a car into a new car repair shop after doing a little research. What are people saying about the car repair shop online? Find out what other people have to say about an car repair shop’s work. You can find reviews of auto body repair shops on Yelp.

Look at the training of the collision repair shop team. Do the people who work there keep up with current developments in the auto industry in order to fix your car properly? Car repair teams who keep learning at conferences and seminars may have learned more effective repair solutions for your car’s problem.

DIY Auto Body Repair

There may be some auto body repairs that you can do on your own. How do you assess what is DIY-worthy and what merits a trip to an auto body repair shop? Factor in the amount of time it will take you to complete the repair. Will it take a few minutes or an entire day? If you have the time to spare and enjoy working on your car, then grab your tools and get to work!

You can also consider the cost of materials. Some DIY car repair kits are cheap, but you may notice that you get a “cheap” result. If you plan on doing a lot of auto repairs on your own, the investment in a good kit or set of tools can be a wise choice over the cheapest option. If you are buying a bunch of new tools or supplies for one repair, your DIY plans may not be worth the investment in the end.

How bad is it if you end up with a DIY gone wrong situation? Make sure you have the proper tools and expertise in order to safely accomplish the repair you are attempting. If you do not know cars well and do not take safety precautions, visit the experts at an auto body repair shop.

Auto Body Repair at Reno’s Liberty Collision

At Liberty Collision, our auto body repair shop team is ready to fix your car and get you safely back on the road. Liberty Collision is owned and operated by Reno local Donnie Thiessens.

The team at Liberty Collision auto body repair shop has the skills and training to provide top notch car repairs. Liberty Collision has I-CAR Platinum Certificate of Recognition for Achieving a High Level of Technical Training and a Ford Motor Company Body Shop Manager Master Certification. Our team has also received the Ford Motor Company Customer Service Silver Medallion Award.

At Liberty Collision, we care about providing safe and quality auto body repairs. Get an estimate on your auto body repair at Liberty Collision today!

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